India's First & Leading Bunker Manufacturers

Bunkers are not just a luxury but an actual necessity. We Provide the Most Customizable and Certified Bunkers in India.

Why Bunkers Are A Necessity

The World is changing fast and so are the threats. We are witnessing
frequent events like wars, terrorist attacks, disease outbreaks, climate
disasters, etc which are causing widespread panic and
loss of lives.

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Types of Bunkers At Disposal

We Not Just Provide Bunkers But A Safe Space For You and Your Close One's to Be Safe & Secure.

Fall Out Shelters

We Manufacture Compact Spaces Designed to Provide Perfect Shelters from Radioactive Debris or Fall Out From Nuclear Explosion.

Bomb Shelters

We Provide Customizable Underground Fortress Designed With All Necessities For Sustaining Long Periods of Time.

Customizable Shelters

Large Shelters Built in With All Essential Utilities Like Survival Gears, Camping Gears, Hunting Gears & Luxury Installations.

Storm Shelters

We Build Premium Fortified Shelters for Commercial, Residential & Institution which can Accomodate Large Amount of People.

Safe Rooms

Underground Safe Rooms To Withstand Disasters and Natural Calamity and Keep Your Families Safe from Unforeseen Events.

Multipurpose Shelters

Underground Shelter Houses with built in Inlays and Designs by Top Innovators with Perfect Comfort.


Bunkers in Todays Scenario

With So Many mischievous things happening, only practical safe haven would be a BUNKER. Bunkers can not only protect you from disasters like climate change, disease outbreaks but also from misadventures like terrorist attacks, bomb attacks, mob attacks,etc.

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